Training and Operational Tools

Short Action Plan

The Initial Response Action Plan is the short one-page document used in the early stages of planning where the same IMT that develop the plan will implement the plan. It is designed for quick development, easy implementation, a focus on key response priorities and continuity of response efforts.

Consolidated Action Plan

The multi-page Action Plan including agency tasks contingency planning, PIM plan and other infomration to support continued response activities in a multi-agency and/or multi-period operation.

Navigation Tools

Roamers/Interpolaters, GPS Cards and GPS training presentations are available in the ground 'Backcountry Skills' section of our website.

Search Methods App

The Search Methods App produced by Virtual SAR for Android and Apple is available from the respective App stores. An overview of it and links can be found in our 'Research' page.

Vector Forces Guide

Primarily designed as a training tool, the Vector Forces guide allows users to quickly establish the angles of anchor connections, slope and directional forces and calculate the corresponding load/force. Available in our Store

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