SARINZ exists to help others save lives - this drives everything we believe in and do. 
Supporting others to bring home the lost and missing is a key component of meeting this goal. 
SARINZ are New Zealand's technical SAR specialists and can provide both operational planning support and guidance as well as "cold" reviews well after the mission concludes. Talk to us about how we can help you.


SARINZ is a not-for-profit charitable organisation and as such we only seek to cover fair and reasonable costs. Costs are billed on a case-by-case basis, but generally will include:
  • $300 NZD per person per day (ex. GST) to cover lost wages/income of our personnel, many of whom are contractors.
  • All logistical costs including airfares, rentals, accommodation, meals etc.
  • All insurances, visas and taxes (where appropriate).
A 2-3 day operational review often costs less than a couple of hours of helicopter flying time and can have a large impact on the result of your operation.


Our focus is in supporting you, and we are happy to work with you to create a win-win situation.
  • All staff provided are considered experts in their respective fields in the context of your operation.
  • We advise a minimum of two persons to generate the most robust and comprehensive outcome.
  • Formal reports of our actions & recommendations are provided where requested.
  • Our staff and our written reports have supported coronial hearings in NZ and operational reviews and enquiries around the world.

Area of Operations

SARINZ is willing to work in any location to best support you. Whilst our key area of operations is throughout New Zealand, we are easily capable of supporting SAR operations in Australia, throughout the Pacific and around the world as required.

SARINZ also contributes personnel and expertise to "boots on the ground" - an international search and rescue response group based out of Vancouver, Canada to assist anywhere in the world specialist search, rescue or recovery services are required. More information on this can be viewed by clicking here.

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