LandSAR Refresher Training

Refreshers are fully customised to meet the host group needs. Topics may include:

  • Search Techniques/Methods
  • Navigation (map, compass, GPS)
  • Tracking Core Skills/Track and Clue Awareness
  • Tracking/Sign Cutting
  • Processing Wilderness Clue Sites
  • Suburban Search
  • Team Leadership (as it applies to Field Team Leaders)
  • Camping/Tramping
  • Risk Management / Survival
  • Radio communications (VHF/HF)
  • River Crossing
  • Clothing and equipment
  • Probationary Member Competencies
  • Field Team Member Competencies
Any of the above can be delivered in the context and/or environment that you "normally" operate such as sub-alpine, bush, rivers, roadways etc. Just let us know how we can best help you.

LandSAR Refresher Course Info

Your original course taught you the key concepts, methodologies and process - now put it into your operational context. Delivered by experienced SAR practitioners we can explore and practice the skills in the way in which you operate.

Examples of previous Field Refreshers have included:
  • Application of core search and tracking skills to the urban/suburban environment.
  • Application of search methods to a river valley/river corridor search.
  • Application of search techniques to searching of roadways.
  • Application of search methods to coastal/lake/shoreline search.
  • Lost Person Behaviour review, update and application to field search.
  • SAR Team Leadership - roles, responsibilities and leading common SAR tasks.
  • GPS, map and compass navigation - review and extension.
  • Stretcher movement and safety lines over low angle terrain.
The choice is yours - review your SAR operations and projected need and lets design the best training day to suit your needs. Not sure what you need? Have a chat to us about what sort of operational response you are undertaking and we will work with you to give you the best day possible.


Venue selection is dependent upon your refresher content. For most field based refreshers a physical building may not be required. In most instances, beginning the day at a car park and spending the day in the wilderness will better meet the required outcomes and your people's requirements.

LandSAR Refresher Training Timeline


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