Helicopter and Aircraft Safety

Aircraft have revolutionised remote access. In the past tasks that may have taken days to accomplish can now be completed in a matter of hours with a suitable aircraft, a skilled pilot and experienced personnel that have trained to work together. Due to this quick and relatively easy access personnel can go from pavement to remote wilderness quickly without the time to mentally or physically adjust to the conditions and/or environment. Training is an important step to address these issues.
This course is designed to give those involved with helicopter and aircraft operations an understanding and appreciation of the hazards and requirements to work safely around aircraft, though their is no substitute for experience. There are theory and practical components to the course to insure that a wide variety of learning styles are met.
Two NZQA Unit Standards will be assessed:
  • US 20388 – Work safely with Aircraft at Emergency Incidents.
  • US 423 – Work with Helicopters.

Distance Learning (DL) package

Our Helicopter and Aircraft Safety training course is available as a distance-learning package meaning we supply you all the materials, you deliver the training at a time and pace that suits you, your people and organisational needs. You can wrap your own context around the training and application. Once complete, you return all of the materials for us to collate and assess, we register the NZQA credits and issue course certificates. Talk to us about how we can support you.

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