SARINZspecialises in both customised and structured training. Our services are responsive. Our solutions are agile. Our results generate improved performance andspeak for themselves. We are aboutdeveloping and building value in other people's people. SARINZ is not just about skills, SARINZ isalso about responsibility, a responsibility to empower the change anddevelopment of people. Each year wetrain New Zealander's to be able to respond in their community's time ofneed. It is this building of communityresilience, through communities being able to care for themselves, that ultimatelyis our greatest outcome.

SARINZ deliver training to a range of organisations and agencies with responsibilities in the wider outdoor and emergency sectors as well as industry groups, corporate organisations and others undertaking incident management, rope, rescue, water, tracking, search and general outdoor training and activities. For more on each of these options, select from the menu below or scroll down for more on customised training and train-the-trainer options. Cannot find what you want? Contact us and we are more than happy to point you in the right direction or explore customised solutions.
SARINZ training is usually delivered at an organisational level rather than through public courses. This is because our training has the greatest impact when delivered in the context in which learners will implement the knowledge and skills. This is easier when all of the learners are from similar organisations and operating in similar contexts. If there is sufficient interest to hold a public course we are certainly keen to help. Talk to us about how we can make this work for you.

Train-the-trainer & developing capability

The "standard suite" of SARINZ courses are available as train-the-trainer packages and can be licensed for delivery. Our train-the-trainer programs focus on the technical delivery and make the assumption that you are already a skilled facilitator/trainer, thus our "standard" packages do not include facilitation training. SARINZ can deliver facilitation training separate to, or incorporated with, any train-the-trainer package.

Options include licensing the SARINZ course "as is" through to full host customisation and contextualisation of all resources to best meet the learners needs. Talk to us about how we can meet your needs.
The SARINZ train-the-trainer package(s) include:
  • Student Course Reference
  • Lesson Plans and Course Outline
  • Delivery aides (where appropriate)
  • Assessment materials (where required and appropriate)
  • Tutor/Instructor development programme
  • Distance-based support via email, Social Media, Skype
  • Moderation of delivery and technical components
  • Tutor/Facilitation training (optional extra)

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