Action Orientated Team Leadership - AOTL

The SARINZ approach to team leadership training is aimed at action orientated environments where effective functional leadership is required to achieve critical or reactive tasks by small teams. In other words leadership of small groups often created to respond to a situation or critical incident. In most cases these teams are tasked to operate in isolation and changeable environments with limited support or backup (termed 'action environments').

At its core, leadership requires both character and competence

Leadership of people in these environments requires a different set of skills to that of first line management. These leaders must effectively operate independent and negotiate both the needs of the individual, team and task within a changeable environment.

We have for the purposes of this course termed this type of leadership Action Orientated Leadership. Examples of organisations who have used this training include leaders in: rural fire, search and rescue (SAR), civil defence (CD), emergency management (EM), Coastguard, Emergency Response Teams (ERT's) and NZ Red Cross. SARINZ also work with our partner organisations to deliver AOTL training incorporated into First Line Management training to various government departments and commercial organisations.

The training caters for the broad spectrum of existing and aspiring leaders operating in action orientated environments at all levels of a team or organisation. The training is also 100% suitable for team members to create or enhance intra-team dynamics and performance. The residential nature of the training also provides the opportunity for team leaders and experienced practitioners from to train together thereby enhancing inter-organisational operability.

The SARINZ AOTL can be incorporated into First Line Management (FLM) training including additional NZQA Units as appropriate or required. We have experience in delivering this as part of the following qualifications:
  • National Certificate in Business (First Line Management) (Level 3)
  • National Certificate in Business (First Line Management) (Level 4)
This training is delivered in conjunction with one of our partner organisations. Talk to us about how we can help you.
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