LandSAR Training is New Zealand's international training centre of Search and Rescue excellence. 100% owned and operated by LandSAR New Zealand, our overarching purpose is to support all search and rescue and emergency management agencies in their efforts to save lives in backcountry, rural, urban, coastal or work place environs.

Looking for SARINZ training?

LandSAR Training acquired the assets and people of SARINZ Ltd in December 2018 and continue to offer the wide range of training services that were previously offered by SARINZ to the same exceptional standards and often by the same people to which you are accustomed.

This includes, but is not limited too:

  • Coordinated Incident Management System - CIMS
  • Action Orientated Team Leadership - AOTL.
  • All CDEM approved Unit Standards and courses.
  • Rescue 3 International water safety and water rescue training packages.
  • Customised water rescue and water safety training events.
  • Back country rope safety and rope access.
  • Back country skills training including map, compass, bushcraft courses.
  • Customised training packages to suit your needs.
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