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Swift Water Rescue

Swiftwater Safety, Swiftwater Rescue, Swiftwater Recovery

Moving water is a very unforgiving environment and claims many lives in New Zealand every year. Over the last 5 years an average of 127 people a year have drowned in New Zealand. Drowning is the third highest cause of accidental death in New Zealand, of these, 30% occur in rivers.

A basic understanding of rivers and a healthy respect for the power of moving water can help to minimise some of this danger and give you the ability to work with it. Our courses range from the basics of keeping yourself and your peers safe through to leading swiftwater response activities.

Course costs, location and the type is dependent upon some of the following factors:

  • the technical level of required training - personal safety, peer safety, swiftwater rescue capability, team rescue capability.
  • outcomes - NZQA Unit Standards, International NFPA Standards or fully customised delivery
  • the number of persons wanting/needing training (safety ratios of participant/tutors is generally 1:6 dependent upon training need)
  • the required support materials

SARINZ has a wide range of "stock" courses and the ability to provide customised courses to meet specific organisation and workplace needs. Contact us and we can discuss options and provide a quote to best meet your needs.

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Rescue 3 New Zealand Courses

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SARINZ is pleased to be able to offer the Rescue 3 suite of training courses and certification under its umbrella. Although separate entities, SARINZ works with Rescue 3 NZ and its independent Rescue 3 International qualified instructors to deliver training in NZ.

Rescue 3 International is the world’s largest provider of technical rescue training, with specific expertise in swiftwater, rope, tower, confined space, ice and animal rescue. Many of these courses are certified to the international standard NFPA1670.

With over 250,000 course graduates across 40 countries, Rescue 3 provides a world renown curriculum, documentation and experienced instructors. Rescue 3 New Zealand is not an company or organisation it is own right, it is a network to enable common support and assurance for programme delivery in New Zealand.

The cadre of Rescue 3 New Zealand instructors commonly work with one another to provide courses and often will instruct these courses as volunteers, ensuring the courses remain financially accessible to their peers including Police Officers, Firefighters, Paramedics, Raft Guides and Civil Defence Responders.

For the full suite of Rescue 3 courses, please click here.


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